Dispute(s) Policy

If you wish to appeal your parking fee notice, please fill out the form below. All fields are required. Appeals must be initiated within 10 days from the date the fee notice was issued.

If a fee notice has not been appealed within 10 days, the fee notice and its associated fees will be considered valid, not subject to appeal, and turned over to collections. Any fee notice appeal initiated after 10 days will not be reviewed.

Appeals initiated using vulgar, profane, rude, inappropriate, unprofessional, and threatening language will immediately be deemed invalid. The fee notice and its associated fees will stand with no exceptions being made.

Once you have submitted your appeal, your case will be reviewed and you will receive a decision within 3-5 business days. If an appeal is deemed valid, the fees will either be waived or reduced, depending on your particular circumstances. If an appeal is deemed invalid, you will be required to pay the fee notice in full. All decisions are final, and not subject to secondary appeal.

Before submitting, please review the following list of the most common reasons a fee notice is appealed. These are considered invalid appeal(s), and will not result in a fee notice being waived.


Lack of knowledge of parking fees and regulations for a specific parking area.

No other vehicles ticketed.

Failure to have sufficient change or other form of payment.

Conflicts or circumstances contributing to overstaying.

Other vehicles parked improperly.

No other place to park.

Failure to read signage.

Stay was limited to a short amount of time parked (In and Out).

Informed by someone not associated with American Parking that a parking fee or permit was not required.

Daily fees were paid for a vehicle that was left on a lot overnight, but not removed the next day.

Parking permit not displayed on multiple occasions.



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